Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Supportive Parents

I was visiting with my parents on Sunday, and G-d kindly reminded me what a wonderful family I was born into.

While my family has its fair share of dysfunction, at the very core of everything, my parents love me very much. In talking more about my conversion to Judaism, they both had so many questions about the different practices, rituals, and philosophies. When I told them our last name has Hebrew origins, my Mother smiled and said, "Well, then I guess it was meant to be," meaning that my being drawn to Judaism is no surprise.

I also said a Hebrew prayer over Thanksgiving dinner a few weeks ago.

My parent simply want me to be happy and to have a fulfilled life. Whether it be me changing careers, coming out as a gay man, or deciding to convert to a different religion, they are standing next to me, supporting and loving me.

I am very lucky. Praise G-d.

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