Sunday, January 7, 2007

Adult Torah Study

On Saturday morning, I attended my Shul's Adult Torah study class before services. I found it incredibly stimulating, as it reminded me of some of my great classes in college.

We sat in a circle, read through a Torah portion, and discussed its various aspects for over an hour. Included in this was not just dissecting the text, but people provided their unique perspective for what the portion said to them.

It reenergized me, as my interest in studying waned during the holidays. Part of that was due to my high energy around it before, and it was simply the cosmos balancing itself out. But, I have been plagued by certain doubts about what kind of religion was "right" and "wrong."

Being raised Christian, I am coming face to face with what I was taught my entire life. While I certainly do not believe that Judaism is a wrong path, the junk idea that Christianity is the only way to salvation remains with me in a childish way, much like bad habits that need to be shaken off.

The class reminded me of how G-d is present for all people, regardless of tradition. He is simply waiting for us to find him, for he already holds us in his hands.

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