Sunday, May 27, 2007

Shavuous Recap

The service on Tuesday was the smallest I've attended, since M and I started going to Kol Haneshamah 4 years ago. I was a little disappointed by the low attendance, as I was excited to share my Dvar with our usually large group. But, those in attendance were those meant to hear my words, I guess.

The Dvar went off well, and seemed to resonate with a number of attendees. During the potluck following, many people asked me more questions about my journey, Rabbi Yonah, and how I came to really feel welcome in Judaism. It felt wonderful, both because I finally found the words the accurately describe my experience and that I was able to share it with my community.

And, Jews being Jews, I have now been approached to join two synagogue committees and asked to give another Dvar during high holidays. LOL - my Rabbi told me I had a honeymoom period with Judaism for 2 years, but this seems to have gone out the window with him being on paternity leave.

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