Wednesday, June 13, 2007

The Music of the World

Another quote from Ask Moses

Two other spiritual capacities play the music of the body – Mind and Emotions. The instruments of Mind are the flow of thoughts, and the instruments of Emotion are the flow of words. The masterful individual orchestrates thoughts and words so that the music of the world is heard more serenely.

This one has particular significance for me, since (in the past) I have suffered from anxiety and panic attacks. Most of them spanned from poor mental habits, where I was not dealing with life in an effective manner. In short, I tried to control everything.

This quote points out that the "music" of the world happens, and it's up to each of us to hear it correctly. Perception is tricky, and can be marred by emotional baggage, bad emotional habits, or faulty assumptions. This is the core of a lot of our problems in America; since most of us our living comfortably, we have become less disciplined in our approach to life, preferring a more self-centered, "all about me" focus. This will invariably lead to moral relavatism, laziness, and breakdown of our communities. Perhaps it already has....

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