Sunday, April 13, 2008

Is Israel Finished?

While the cover is unnecessarily provocative, the Atlantic Monthly has a good article exploring the issues facing Israel and she turns 60.

You can read the article here.


adam said...

i read the article and had the same reaction. the article didn't get into any real endgame scenarios or even touch on the possibilities.

which is fine by me, but it left me wondering why the dramatic cover and headline.

I felt that the article itself, covering the lively debate that exists within Israeli society, reflected a health that its neighbors clearly don't share.

when I visited there in January, my cousins, who are of the moderate National Religious sort, felt that there is a leadership vaccum and that the younger generation is spoiled and tends not to give of its time in the same way its parents.

Wher the article was spot on is that the small corps of new leaders in both the military and subsequently politics, is increasingly from the idealogical font of the National Religious. They're ones who more than ever are dedicated and perhaps can provide the moral and 'spiritual' (albeit not directly religious) leadership that the country thirtsts for, and how Ironic that it would come from a right of center sector both politically and Jewishly. Maybe its just what the country needs to get the the difficult times ahead.

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