Saturday, April 5, 2008

More Israel Blogging - The Security Fence

After a computer meltdown shortly after we returned home, we have a new computer and I am ready to get back to blogging.

One of the most intense experiences of the trip was being in Jerusalem. I felt the fervor, history, culture clashes, and conflict in the air and in my bones. It was an amazing experience; one in which I felt both incredibly uncomfortably and incredibly alive.

We spent a good deal of the trip discussing the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. We also had a good view of the security fence from our hotel room, shown in the picture here.

I fully support the fence being erected, but couldn't help feeling a sense of grief, seeing Jerusalem being divided. Words can't describe the emotions I felt about why the wall had to exist and what it represented for both the Israelis and Palestinians. Our tour guide, a native from Jerusalem, compassionately said the fence is a symbol of the traumas experienced by both the Israelis and Palestinians.

This is just one of many examples demonstrating the complexity of the conflict, and the lack of simple, black-and-white answers available to solve it. This lack of resolution can be felt throughout Jerusalem and this is what the fence represents to me.


Honi said...

I too just returned from Israel.. as I perused your blog I could so relate to your experiences.. I went with my husband and his family for 2 weeks.. we did Israel from middle, bottom and top.. and middle again.. we also did a tour of Petra.. low and behold I got .. well.. I got that travelers illness right in the heart of Petra.. wont forget that experience for a long time LOL seriously though.. I adored my trip and have started building a blog regarding the trip too.. if you ever want to see it.. glad you had a safe trip..

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